What is teepad?

Teepad is a service designed to improve client engagement at your store, resulting in more sales! It consists of a Tablet + Customization App where clients create mockups of their customizations and a Backend Site were you manage clients orders and app contents.

Tablet + Customization app

Provide your clients with the opportunity to get creative with their designs and increase your sales.

Backend site

Manage clients orders, check sales statistics, add content to the customization app like images, fonts, colours, etc...

How does it work?

Tablet + App

Clients create mockups of what they wish to have printed.

Backend Site

You create the final product using the client’s mockup as an accurate reference.

Happy Customer!

Clients get their envisioned creation just as they intended it. Another happy customer!

Engage clients in your business by providing a tool that helps them to better express their ideas while having fun.

Customization app

Mockup creation

The clean and minimal design allows super easy and fast navigation within the app. Your clients can add their own images or write text messages and use multiple tools for customization such as rotation, size, image flip or colour for their unique creations.

Different product templates include t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and bags.

Shopping cart

The shopping cart allows multiple products to be included in a single order. Clients are able to make changes to their products at any time without the trouble of having to re-create the mockup all over again.

We provide the App + Tablet + Support. Simple.

Backend site

Manage app contents

Whether you wish to add product or print colours, add your bank of images, choosing which fonts to use or even selecting which functionalities you want to have in the app, the backend offers great control with the simplicity of turning a switch.

Manage clients orders

Once your client places an order using the app you can access it in the Backend site. To keep track of all orders you can sort them by their production status, urgency, client name or search for a specific order.

Each order contains all the details you need to create the final product, including a fullscreen feature where you can see the mockup in great detail.

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